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vornado corporate charity bike build team building

Vornado Charity Bike Build Event

A successful charity bike build event in the Washington. Another corporate charity bike build event the holiday season. It was sponsored by Vornado/Charles E. Smith, a property management company in the Washington DC area. Emily Dryfoos of Vornado was looking for a [...]

Team Building Event Partnership

Sprocket wants to announce a special relationship with Group Dynamix and Bicycle Exchange in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.   Bikes for Goodness Sake is teaming up with GDX and Bicycle Exchange to do Corporate Team Building Events building bicycles. At [...]

Boy and Bike charity corporate charity bike build team building

Another Emerson Bicycle Team Building Event

The Good people at Emerson and Bucks Bikes have helped Bikes for Goodness Sake to give away another seven bicycles to some children involved in the River City Youth Foundation of Austin, Texas. The team at Emerson have done a [...]

USO corporate charity bike build team building

Bikes for Kids by HomeTeam and USO

HomeTeam Pest Defense is having a Sales Conference in San Diego and part of it is a team building event.  Nothing like building a team by building a bicycle. Dirk Korte of HomeTeam Pest Defense is organizing the event with the [...]

Bikes for Actors

Emerson, Bucks Bikes and Bikes for Goodness Sake  is teaming up to share the Goodness of Bikes with The Theater Action Project.  Dave Moffett and Bobbie James with Emerson in Austin, Texas are leading  a team building exercise that involves building a bicycle.    [...]

Independence Day 2009

Sprocket is giving away Bike Shop Quality bikes to children in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Temple area.  He wants to honor the sacrifice of these children in support of their parents.  These bicycles are a small token of freedom that these [...]

Supporting KidSave – Teaching Orphans to Ride

Sprocket is teaching Orphans to Ride a Bike!  Meet us at Brushy Creek Lake Park on Sunday July 5th at 2:00 pm (map).  Sprocket needs you help to teach 7 Orphaned Children from Columbia how to ride a bike.  Sprocket [...]

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