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Give a Good Bike to a Good Kid

Bikes for Goodness Sake is a 501c(3) that helps you with all the details
- bikes, helmets, tools, mechanics and years of experience of successful events.


Create a Memory that will last a lifetime

Do you remember your first bike?
Build a bike-shop quality bike for a child and create a memory for a child!


Build Your Team with a Purpose

Build relationships within your teams and your community.
Working together for a child builds bonds. Giving a bike to a child creates a memory.


Want more information about a charity bike build?

Get started and learn about important logistics, costs, and tips for a successful and rewarding event.


Team Building

Bring your team together to create more than just a good time. Build bonds and build bikes.

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Charity Bike Building

We help good companies build good bikes for good kids.

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Community Goodwill

Your company can do good for others. Experience the joy of giving a bike to a child.

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Bikes for Goodness Sake Charity Bike Builds

Do you remember your first bike? Do you remember the freedom and joy that your bike gave you? Many children don’t get a chance to enjoy that feeling. Bikes for Goodness Sake helps companies and individuals wishing to share that feeling by organizing events to build and distribute bikes to underprivileged children. You can combine your team-building event with goodwill and bring a child a memory that will last a lifetime. We are a non-profit organization. Our sole purpose is to give good bikes to good kids. And we do it through good companies and good people like you.

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About Us

We are a non-profit, 501c(3), with a mission to share good bikes with good kids through sponsored bike build events. We source bike-shop-quality bikes, helmets for your event.

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Bikes for goodness sak

Audit Board Teams up with Percent Pledge and Bikes for Goodness Sake Long Beach, CA

The Audit Board team built 40 Bikes in a beautiful outdoor venue. Forty good children from the local YMCA were the recipients of forty good bikes built by the good people of Audit Board.


Testimonials from Good People Who Organized a Charity Bike Build Event

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Good Companies Sponsoring Good Bikes for Good Kids