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Charity bike build founders photo

Pete and Mark

Non-profit charity bike build events so good kids can get good bikes.

Bikes for Goodness Sake is a charitable organization- 501c(3) – with a mission to share to Goodness of Bicycles with underprivileged children through sponsored corporate charity bike build events.

We have been working through hundreds of sponsors to build and donate thousands of bikes to kids all over the country for 8 years.

Bikes for Goodness Sake was one of the first charity bike building organizations in America. We are the only charity bike building organization that is a registered 501 c(3) non-profit with a national footprint.

We work local bike shops, corporations, groups, and individuals to create charity bike build events and distribute bikes to children local to the sponsors.  We aim to create a cycling culture in North America by giving a bike to a child.  Each bike we give comes along with a custom fit bike-shop-quality helmet.

The charity was started by Mark Smith and Pete Buck of Bucks Bikes in Austin, Texas.  Our first event was on July 4, 2008.  We worked the the Texas Military Family Services and identified 50 recipient children.  Our goal for that event was to honor the silent sacrifice of children whose parent serves in the Armed Forces. Here is a link to a testimonial and below a video that honored that event.

Since that first event we have worked with corporations in team building events, cyclists riding across the county promoting the goodness of cycling, scores of bike shops to distribute the bikes, private individuals who want to donate bikes to needy families, and local charities wanting to serve their communities.

Through sponsors and donors Bikes for Goodness Sake has distributed thousands of bikes to deserving children across the United States. Many of our distribution partners have been other charitable children’s organizations. These range from the Boys and Girls Club, Foster Child organizations, Orphanages, United Way, children from inner-city charter schools, children of deploying military personnel, children of Wounded Warriors, foreign refugees living in American, and a wide variety of inner-city youth development organizations.

We are not equipped to take used bikes. We give good new bike-shop-quality bikes to good kids.

Help create a memory that will last a lifetime – the memory of a child’s first bike. Bikes for Goodness works through good companies and good people like to you bring bikes to to children through team building charity bike build. We are here to help you create a memorable event.

Give and Let Ride!

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