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Another Emerson Bicycle Team Building Event

The Good people at Emerson and Bucks Bikes have helped Bikes for Goodness Sake to give away another seven bicycles to some children involved in the River City Youth Foundation of Austin, Texas. The team at Emerson have done a great job in support of Bikes for Goodness Sake Bicycle Team Building events over the years.


Dave Moffett  with Emerson’s Leadership Institute in Austin, Texas led a team building exercise that involves building a bicycle.    Bucks Bikes will be supplying the bikes for the exercise and assisting with some expert Bike Assembly Love.  In support of the Communitity Emerson is donating funds to BFGS to supply bikes to the River City Youth Foundation.

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Thank Goodness for companies like Emerson, people like Dave Moffett, and Bike Shops like Bucks Bikes that spread the Goodness of Bikes!

They did a great work for good kids. And these kids were worthy too. They earned their bikes with good grades and good conduct. A job well done for a bike build for charity. A great time, with awesome people for a memory that will last a lifetime – the memory of a child’s first bike.

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