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Give and Let Ride with a Bike Charity Donation

Thank YOU for sharing a GOOD BIKE WITH A GOOD KID with a bike charity donation.

And yes, your contributions are tax deductible.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit recognized by the IRS.

We use PayPal to collect donations.  When you click on “Donate” below and you will be directed to our PayPal.com account. (If you don’t have a paypal account and want to simply donate by credit card, look in to lower left for the Credit Card option)

Your kind contribution is used to buy bikes from local bike shops. We buy only quality bikes that are assembled by pros. Assembled bikes are donated to deserving and underprivileged children.  Our aim is to spread the Goodness of Bikes and the Goodwill of People who Love to Cycle.

Through sponsors and donors Bikes for Goodness Sake has distributed thousands of bikes to deserving children across the United States. Many of our distribution partners have been other charitable children’s organizations. These range from the Boys and Girls Club, Foster Child organizations, Orphanages, United Way, children from inner-city charter schools, children of deploying military personnel, children of Wounded Warriors, foreign refugees living in American, and a wide variety of inner-city youth development organizations.

We take many donations over the Holidays. Such donations going toward a bike make bring joy to a child and create a memory that will last a lifetime – the memory of a child’s first bike.

We are grateful for your contribution and that you share and support our mission of sharing the joy of a bike with a good kid.

If you are having any problems send us a note below.

Give and Let Ride!

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