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Annemarie – Manager, Meetings and Sponsorships, American Gas Assoc.

Annemarie – Manager, Meetings and Sponsorships, American Gas Assoc.

“a positive impact”

In 2010 the American Gas Association (AGA) piloted a volunteer-based community service program we affectionately named “Giving Back to the Communities we Serve” This event bring together AGA staff and members of the local community to make a positive impact. In the process, we have forged relationships with our industry colleagues and have left the conference host city better in some way, shape or form then when we arrived.

Most of us remember what it felt like to receive or first bicycle. Whether it was new or used, it made us feel a sense of independence and confidence that we could take on the world. Bikes for Goodness Sake is a charity with a mission to share this same defining experience with underprivileged children. The program works with local bike shops and corporations to create events and distribute bikes to local children. Each bike is assembled and donated comes along with a custom fit helmet and tool-kit.