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Get started and learn about important logistics, costs, and tips for a successful and rewarding event.

Ellie D. – Office Services Lead, Cherry Bekaert

“made it easy for us”

Our Firm was looking for a charitable project that we could do with college students while getting to know them. We came across Bikes for Goodness Sake (BFGS) through various internet searches and our experience was spectacular!  Both the students who participated in the bike build, and our staff felt that this was one of the most successful projects and team building activities we have done as a group.  Mark and the BFGS partners made it easy for us, walking us through everything we needed. This was a challenge for them since our event was off-site in a different city and we had no connection to local charities who would be willing to work with us. They connected us to local charity, and we were able to work with them and personally give the bikes to the children instead of just turning them over to the charity representative. We decided to make the handing off of the bikes a surprise for both the children receiving the bikes and our staff/student participants who built the bikes…and the result was spectacular!  The children and families really appreciated our work, and our student/staff participants still talk about how wonderful it was to see that their efforts were meaningful to the kids who received the bikes.  I highly recommend BFGS, so much so that this year we had other offices reach out to do bike builds as well.  We will be going back to them for next year’s event.  BFGS provides companies and organizations with the opportunity to invest their time and money into a worthwhile activity that can be done anywhere, allows teams to learn about each other’s style, and provides children with the gift of a bicycle, something taken for granted by many…but cherished by those we have the privilege to give to.