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Supporting KidSave – Teaching Orphans to Ride

kidsaveLogoSprocket is teaching Orphans to Ride a Bike!  Meet us at Brushy Creek Lake Park on Sunday July 5th at 2:00 pm (map).  Sprocket needs you help to teach 7 Orphaned Children from Columbia how to ride a bike.  Sprocket says “GIVE AND LET RIDE!”.

sprocketAfter everyone is going on two wheels, Sprocket will lead the group on a short trail ride and get some refreshements.

Come meet a child and show they you care.

KidSave is sponsoring older orphans in Austin, Texas from Colombia.  They have little or no chance of finding adoptive parents in their own country.  While they are in Austin KidSave volunteers will be working to firnd permanent homes for these children.  Please spread the work and visit KidSave.org for more information.

You can donate funds to buy a bike that supports next years event.  Just click the RED DONATE BUTTON on the right of this page.