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Bechtel & Chevron Team Building and Bike Build for Charity

Bikes for Goodness Sake has done a number of team building events building bikes for good kids, but the Bechtel and Chevron’s Wheatstone project set a new standard. The Wheatstone Team provided impeccable organization and maximum fun. The recipient children from a local inner-city charter school were delightful and deserving. Below is a video of the Bechtel and Chevron Team Building and Bike Build for Charity that says it all.


Bechtel and Chevron partnered under their Wheatstone Project with Bikes for Goodness Sake to create a team building and safety training exercise around a bike build for charity.

Special thanks to the event coordinator Avera Hill-Basham and to Judy at  Urban Bicycle Gallery of Houston, Texas and their stellar mechanic Zach and his helper Emily. Events like this need great people to make them happen and these people are first class.

Bechtel has a strong commitment of giving back to the communities. Bechtel offices are in Maryland, Phoenix, Houston, Seattle, Tennessee, Virginia, and San Francisco. They did a great work for good kids. And these kids were worthy too. They earned their bikes with good grades and good conduct. A job well done for a bike build for charity. A great time, with awesome people for a memory that will last a lifetime – the memory of a child’s first bike.

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  • Avera Hill-Basham June 27, 2013, 11:54 am

    Our event was a big success and this was mainly due to the support that we received from BFGS and the hard work of our planning committee and volunteers. A lot of work went into the planning and execution of our event and (as is usually the case when you do something nice for someone else!) we received so much more back in return.